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Interviews, stills, and videos of
everyday women with high-arched feet

December 14, 2010-Lexi Katt
Lexi Katt brings Emo and Goth back to POTA, as she
shows of her insanely high arches and black nail polish.

December 13, 2010-Wendy
Wendy is back!!! And she has pairs
of worn, abused shoes for her fans to buy!

December 11, 2010-Jessie
Jessie loves pumps, and the ones
she has go great with her high arches.

December 04, 2010-Crystal Ashley
Crystal Ashley wears her two favorite
pairs of shoes when she is at play, or at work.

November 22, 2010-Kerri Taylor
Kerri loves wearing heels and stilettos
no matter how long her feet have to be in them.

November 15, 2010-Lily
Lily has to make sure her high-arched feet
are comfortable during her long shifts at work.

November 06, 2010-Sienna Aldrige
Ms. Aldridge is all about business today. Her feet ache
from wearing pumps for hours, so don't try her patience!

October 21, 2010-Sebrina
Sebrina will remind you of Christina with her big bright eyes,
pigtails, soft voice, tiny high-arched feet, and beautiful toes.

October 20, 2010-Chevy
Chevy is a beautiful girl with very high
arches, and loves black nail polish on her toes.

October 19, 2010-Trista
Trista has a nonstop smile to go
with her nonstop super high arches.

October 12, 2010-Malia
Malia has insanely high arches,
and is a self-taught hip hop girl!

October 06, 2010-Jenn
Jenn is a tall girl with extremely high arches,
long legs, and is experienced in martial arts.

September 04, 2010-Michelle
Michelle is a tall girl who loves to
curl her toes when she wiggles them.

September 03, 2010-Emily
Emily is 5'11, and has arches
that match up perfectly with her height!

September 01, 2010-Savannah
Savannah loves to wear pumps. And with her
ultra-high arches, they look amazing on her feet.

August 16, 2010-GiGi
Gigi loves stiletto pumps. They really
emphasize her already very high arches.

July 27, 2010-Sharon
Sharon's boots barely come above
her ankles because of her long legs.

July 23, 2010-Teresa
Teresa's piercing gaze will make you
look down and focus on her worn flats.

July 20, 2010-Janice
Janice is a tall princess who loves wearing
socks on her long legs and high-arched feet.

July 12, 2010-Angel Update
Angel does lots of shoeplay in her very worn flats.
Then she tries to hold a conversation while her feet are tickled!
Click the model under Kobe Lee to get to the guestmodels gallery.

June 28, 2010-Nevaeh
Nevaeh puts on a major show
in flats she sold to a big fan of hers!

June 9, 2010-Lolli
Lolli is beautiful, and has perfect feet with
insanely high arches and ballet-trained toes.

June 9, 2010-Chrissie
Chrissie looks like a doll come to life, complete
with pefect feet, ultra high-arches, and and tiny toes.

June 9, 2010-Ezperanza
Ezperanza shows her high arches,
creativity, and high degree of flexibility.

May 31, 2010-Kahlena Patrick
This is an unreleased update of Kahlena Patrick
when she was in Waldenbooks inside a major mall.

May 24, 2010-Kahlena Patrick
Kahlena Patrick is back! And she has many
gross, stinky, worn flats for her fans to buy!.

May 24, 2010-Tina Latina
Tina Latina is a stunner in shorts!
Be sure to visit her site TinaLatina.com

May 23, 2010-Joanna
Joanna ran lots of errands in her slingback sandals
the day she came by to show off her high-arched feet.

May 22, 2010-Janice
Janice lets you know how she feels about men
who cheat, and about the sexy shoes on her feet!

May 18, 2010-Tina Latina
Tina Latina's looks and feet will captivate you
to no end. Be sure to visit her site TinaLatina.com

May 14, 2010-Shaylah
Shaylah and her pumps have been on lots
of fans minds. So here they are in this update!

May 11, 2010-Cookie
Cookie's feet are rather ticklish, so she
thinks its best to hide them in sneakers.

April 10, 2010-Rachel
Rachel wears her stilettos and wedges
barefoot, and wears stockings with her heels.

April 6, 2010-Rachel
Rachel's nonsense attitude goes perfectly
with her flip flops, stilettos, and high heels.

March 31, 2010-Rene Phoenix
Rene Phoenix is a stern girl in boots.
Later, she shows her softer side in stockings.

March 29, 2010-Natalie
Natalie lookes cute in socks and flats.
But looks very grown up in her boots.

March 27, 2010-Jennifer
Jennifer's very worn wedges steal the show.
Then her feet in ped socks get the attention.

March 22, 2010-Tania
Tania's high-arched feet are little works of art.
She shows them in ped socks before hiding them in boots.

March 19, 2010-Angelina
Angelina is very tall so she wears flats
more than she wears other types of footwear.

March 13, 2010-Dorothea
Dorothea loves wearing her black boots.
Now you wonder what's going on inside them.

March 10, 2010-Lona
Lona really reminds me of Alicat. She is eyecatching
from the top of her head to her very wiggly and ticklish toes!

March 4, 2010-Roarie
Roarie has the medicine you need, as she
wears her worn vans, flats, and trademark Converse.

February 22, 2010-Mia and Remi
Mia and Remi show off their shoes and feet.
Both girls love their flats, heels, and sneakers.

February 20, 2010-Lee Loo La
Lee is a super cutie in socks, boots,
wedges, sneakers, and socks again.

February 17, 2010-Nikki
Nikki goes from flats to very eye catching
pumps and stilettos before showing her feet.

February 3, 2010-Roarie
Roarie's very worn Vans and Converse get
her socks very dirty when she wears them.

January 15, 2010-Lucy Die
Lucy in pumps, diagnoses a patient, and later does
a very good playing a female vampire in red wedges.

January 11, 2010-Champagne
Champagne shows off her well worn stilettos
she has for her fans, plus socks and stockings.

January 5, 2010-Jessica
Jessica's relaxes her ultra high-arched
feet after a long shift in stockings.

January 3, 2010-Jessica
Jessica's insanely high arches are easy
to notice even with mismatched socks on.

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