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Interviews, stills, and videos of
everyday women with high-arched feet

December 10, 2011-Miss Dee
Miss Dee's shoe size 6 US

October 22, 2011-Nadia
Nadia's shoe size 7 US

October 16, 2011-Andrea
Andrea's shoe size 8 US

October 15, 2011-Jessica Kristine
Jessica Kristine's shoe size 8.5 US

October 14, 2011-Shanelle
Shanelle's shoe size 12 US

September 29, 2011-Janice
Janice's shoe size 7.5 US

September 24, 2011-Jo
Jo's shoe size 7.5 US

September 22, 2011-Chyna Black
Chyna Black's shoe size 9.5 US

September 02, 2011-Christina N
Christina N's shoe size 7.5 US

August 20, 2011-Tia, Priscilla, Michelle
Tia, Priscilla, Michelle shoe size 9.5 US

August 19, 2011-Nadine
Nadine's shoe size 9.5 US

August 16, 2011-Priscilla Christine
Priscilla Christine's shoe size 6.5 US

July 16, 2011-Lorena
Lorena's shoe size 6.5 US

July 09, 2011-Nicole
Nicole's shoe size 7.5 US

July 07, 2011-Jesenia
Jesenia's shoe size 9.5 US

June 29, 2011-Ashley
Ashley's shoe size 9.5 US

June 17, 2011-Paris
Paris's shoe size 7 US

June 16, 2011-Ginary
Ginary's shoe size 8.5 US

June 01, 2011-Aaliyah
Aaliyah's shoe size 7 US

April 11, 2011-Crystal Ashley
Crystal Ashley's shoe size 7.5 US

April 5, 2011-Ashley
Ashley's shoe size 8.5 US

March 30, 2011-Ashley Morgan
Ashley Morgan's shoe size 7.5 US

March 17, 2011-Crystal
Crystal is a super party hot girl whose
feet can't wait to get out of her boots.

February 22, 2011-Crystal
Crystal's shoe size 7 US

February 11, 2011-Mya
Mya's shoe size 7.5 US

February 09, 2011-Sophia
Sophia's shoe size 8 US

February 07, 2011-Maria
Maria's shoe size 9.5 US

February 05, 2011-Mila
Mila's shoe size 9 US

January 29, 2011-Vicky
Vicky's shoe size 7.5 US

January 08, 2011-Letecia
Letecia's shoe size 8.5 US

January 08, 2011-Priscilla
Priscilla's shoe size 7.5 US

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